Volunteering in PV


Village Volunteers

The City is joining together with local groups, organizations & businesses to offer volunteer resources for residents who have code violations on their property and are in need of assistance. Some residents may have age, health, physical or financial restrictions which do not allow for them to do the work necessary to correct the violations and bring their property into compliance.

The Village Volunteers program was developed by the City of Prairie Village to help bring the community together in assisting residents with correcting code issues which also serves to preserve and protect the value and safety of their property and the community as a whole.

Such projects and repairs are on the exterior only and may include the following:

  • Yard work such as removing overgrown vegetation, leaves, trimming bushes or removing small low level limbs from trees
  • Minor repair of window trim areas, soffits, facia or small exterior wall areas
  • Minor painting of window trim areas, soffits, facia or exterior wall areas
  • Cleaning or minor repair of guttering

The volunteer groups will work on code compliance issues as directed by the Code Enforcement Officer. Focus of the work shall be on correcting existing code violations.  Any additional work done outside the scope of correcting code violations is separate from any City Code issues and should be agreed upon between the volunteers and the resident/owner.

The Codes Officer will make initial contact to find a volunteer group to do the scope of work required to bring the property in to code compliance. The Codes Officer, home owner and group representative will then schedule a time to meet at the property and discuss the scope of work required. All work should begin and finish within a time frame as set and agreed upon between the parties and approved by the Codes Officer.

Any materials needed and used will either be provided by the home owner, other 3rd party donations, or donated through the volunteer group. The disposition of any unused materials is solely at the discretion of the party(s) that donated said materials.

Volunteers and home owner(s) participating in the program will be required to sign a Release and Waiver of Liability Form.   

If you have any questions about the program please feel free to contact Marcia Gradinger at (913) 385-4605 or mgradinger@pvkansas.com.

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