Village Square at Harmon & Santa Fe Parks

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Village Square ConceptProposed Master Plan for Village Square at Harmon and Santa Fe Parks

Project Overview

In 2009, the City Council adopted the Parks & Recreation Master Plan, which guides the future development and enhancement of Prairie Village City parks and recreation programming. This plan was overseen by a Parks Master Plan Committee comprised of two Council Members and five residents. Additionally, there was a purposeful strategy to engage the capture the thoughts of the public through mailed surveys, the design team interacting with visitors at the parks, and a citizen workshop. Since its inception, City Council has been committed to implementing the various recommendations outlined in the Plan, including massive upgrades in the following parks: Franklin (2010), Weltner (2011), McCrum (2014), Bennet and Taliaferro (2015 and 2016), and Porter (2016).

For Harmon and Santa Fe Parks, the Plan identified a number of improvements including: adding eight-foot wide trails around the perimeter of the park and through the interior, skate park improvements, relocating and expanding the play area as a Santa Fe Trail-themed destination playground, incorporating prairie areas along the edges in sweeping bands of grasses, and much more. One specific improvement to the parks was the recommendation to fully develop the amphitheater area, creating a more permanent facility. While the City did resurface the Harmon Tennis Courts in 2014, no additional Parks Master Plan recommendations have been implemented.

Council Member Morehead developed the concept of a "Village Square" and brought this idea to an ad-hoc Economic Development Committee and the Parks & Recreation Committee. The Economic Development Committee recommended allotting $50,000 to this concept and City Council approved as part of the 2017 budget in the Economic Development Fund.

The goal of the concept study is to utilize and build upon the 2009 Parks Master Plan for Harmon and Santa Fe Parks to transform the underutilized park and green space of Harmon and Santa Fe Parks into a focal point in the heart of the City by offering an array of activity opportunities, connectivity, and intergenerational appeal to the Prairie Village community.


October 2, 2017 - BBN Architects presented a conceptual master plan for The Village Square at Harmon and Santa Fe Parks to the City Council.

The City Council approved the next step in the services agreement with BBN Architects to hold a resident meeting to solicit feedback from the community on the preliminary concept of Village Square as part of the update to the Harmon and Santa Fe Parks Master Plan. 

Information presented at the City Council meeting is available here (PDF).

April 3, 2017 -  City Council approved a services agreement with BBN Architects for a concept/market study for Village Square/Harmon Park.

Information presented at the City Council meeting is available here (PDF).